Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers


Selling your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience! Prepare yourself, work with a knowledgeable professional and never be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS! Here are some common ones we hear:

What is the best time to sell my home?

There is no concrete answer, especially in South Dakota with unpredictable weather and crazy seasons. Generally, Spring and Summer are great months to sell- the theory being that there are more buyers looking in the “nice weather months”. But, we have found Fall to be very productive, with less competition and still a steady number of buyers. We should also mention, winter isn’t as dreaded as some may think. There is even LESS competition and we struggle to find our buyers homes in the winter months because many sellers are waiting for that Spring market. Our advice on this one? Call us, we can tell you up front what the market is like and give you an idea of the outlook for your home, in your price range, and in your area.


What steps should I take to prepare my home for sale?

What a great question! If you’ve decided to make the leap and sell your home, you will want to have it ready when it goes on the market. The expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is absolutely true when selling your home! Check out our 47 Ways To Sell Your House to help ensure your home presents itself in the best possible light to potential buyers.



What should I disclose to potential buyers?

When selling your home, it’s important that you disclosure anything you are aware of in your home to potential buyers. In South Dakota, we require a Seller’s Property Disclosure, this document is required on our MLS system so it is readily available to any real estate agents showing your home. Filling this out fully and truthfully with help avoid potential issues (or worse, a lawsuit) once your home is under contract and even years after the sale.


How does the MLS system in our area work?

This one is a little tricky; it’s hard to believe we have TWO listing systems (commonly known as MLS) for our area, but it’s true. Some agents are either a member of the Black Hills MLS or a member of the Mount Rushmore Area MLS. Not every agent is a part of both.. but WE ARE! It’s such a necessity in our area to have listings in Custer available to agents in Spearfish, and listings in Rapid City available to the agents in Sturgis. This means we can effectively list any home in any Black Hills town.

If you are selling your home ANYWHERE in the Black Hills, rest assured we will get your listing to ALL agents in our area through both MLS boards.


How much is my home worth?

Ahh, the grand question. That’s what you really want to know when you are preparing to sell, right? Well, a simple question with a not so simple answer. First of all, finding out how much your home is worth is not something that should be done without asking a professional, top local Realtor (Hey, that’s us!). We perform a Comparative Market Analysis and compare your home with similar homes within your area, of which have recently sold. This data is very similar to what you would expect when an appraisal is done. Your home’s value is NOT based on:

What you paid, what you need, what you want, what your neighbor says or what it costs to re-build. Market value is extremely important when deciding what price to list your home- your goal is to be IN the market, not just ON the market.

And please, do yourself a favor and stay away from the ZESTIMATES or other online sources- it will only cause you heartache and frustration. They don’t live here, they don’t know YOUR neighborhood or YOUR updates. Let’s keep this important decision at a local level.


Where do I start?

Right here, with what you’re doing. Research! Check out local real estate agents online, interview with 2-3 in person, learn what each has to offer. We have an extremely comprehensive marketing campaign for EVERY listing we take, and we’re confident going up against our competition. If you choose another agent, that’s great! We truly do believe that every person we work with deserves the very best, and sometimes it can come down to personality or how well a relationship is formed. And that’s OK! This is a very big financial decision, we just hope to have the opportunity to introduce our team and lay out what we do to get homes SOLD.

Can you recommend service professionals who may be needed?

Absolutely! Any top real estate agent should be able to provide you with knowledgeable, professional sources for any question (beyond real estate) that you may have, including: high quality mortgage professionals, contractors, movers, plumbers, electricians and anything in between. Check out our Homekeepr App, see what’s in OUR back pocket!




We hope you’ve learned something new about selling your home! If you’re considering a move in the Rapid City or Black Hills area, consider the White & Associates Real Estate Team to help make the sale of your home as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. And if you have ANY other questions, we are happy to help! Just call 605-646-3336 anytime.